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The Music Learning Workshop is dedicated to the advancement of your music abilities through teaching music theory and applied music principles. 

You can learn music theory at dazzling speed. What used to take a year to learn can be learned in weeks with the right resources. Of course your determination sets the limits.

This site is a resource for you and is about helping you with music theory which is the real basis of becoming a great musician or just being able to play extremely well. 

About Music Learning Workshop


So you might be wondering about the Music Learning Workshop.

I had originally started like so many others back in middle school and given up due to lack of will and good habits. I muddled along for many years and could play simple rock and roll and a few favorite songs of the 70’s and 80’s.

My Passion and Education I’m glad I got back on track with a passion I love some couple of decades later. When I started again I was researching learning methods and ended up with an excellent educator which provided accelerating learning methods.  It is her inspiration and others that has lead me to create this site.

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