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"Basic Music Theory Elements"
Elements You Need to Start Learning Basic Music Theory

There are music elements that form the basic understanding of music theroy that you have to study in order to determine how music is played or constructed. 

These basic elements are the structure and framework for which music is formed. Knowing these elements is what allows you to study, play, compose, reharmonize, and work with other musicains in a common lanugague.

This part of the the workshop explores the basic music theory elements and concepts which will help you understand just how music is defined. Explore each set of lessons and you will get a good knowledge of the how. 

To concepts are mastered by implementing them with the Getting it Down Cold Workbooks which leads you through the implimentation of these elements. 

Basic Music Theory Elements


Technique Instruction

Another big part of playing music is technique or how you approach an instrument to produce sound quality. 

That is covered separately in the music playing instruction section. It is an essential part of learning to play look for instruction and video additions. Most instructors  take the time to show you proper technique. With this section we hope to provide specific information on technique that will improve your playing.

The Problem with Bit by Bit

In most traditional teaching the music elements are typically taught bit by bit. An approach that allows you to slowly be able to grasp the elements, on a build as you go basis. However, you never get a big picture view of how all these "dots" or points of the elements relate to each other until you have been studying for a long time.

Have you ever wondered how the teacher knows what to teach next. Well, they have the big picture. It probably took them a long time to get there as well.

An Approached that Works to Your Advantage

In presenting the basic music theory elements at the workshop, we designed the information to give you a bigger picture of the component being studied.

As you explore the individual elements and components you will start with a big picture or overview of the element and then exam each component that makes it up.

You  quickly look at a big picture of items, then move in and get relationships of a component related to the element and build on those chucks of information to create a base to launch your music.

Then you will start using the knowledge and putting it together in a way that allows you to quickly assimilate the pieces you are learning about and accelerate your grasp of these various music theory elements.  

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