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The Getting It Down Cold series of Workshops and Music Theory course are designed to help you master music theory

These free Workbooks are yours to use to see how the Music Learning Workshop provides you with great resource materials to help you own and master the theory concepts and practice techniques.

Below you will find

2 Free Workbook chapters available
  1. Learn a Song - 7 Steps to Quickly Mastering a Song.
  2. Sample Rhythm Work as a second bonus for joining.

Worksheets are also available for some rhythm practice exercises talked about on other pages of the site.

Free Report Chapter for Joining the Workshop

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Learn a Song Chapter - 7 Crucial Steps to Quickly Mastering a Song

Get Access here and begin learning the steps on how to master a song quickly:


Free DownLoad for You

Rhythm Workbooks

Sample Rhythm Workbook
Get a free sample of the rhythm workshop layout. This music workbook is taken form our music theory course and rhythm workshop. 

This sample takes you through the complete 4 step process to master the the 4/4 rhythm.

It will show you how the Getting It Down Cold Workshops are arranged. Applying this principal to variations of rhythms allows you to own this musical element.

Download PDF here: Sample Rhythm Workset


Supplements to practice exercises in foundation definition rhythm series.

Beginning Rhythm Practice Answers 
       File of the practice exercise answers in foundation definition rhythm series.

Rhythm Beat Chart
       File with chart showing beat relationships.

Rhythm Practice no. 2
       File of the practice sheet for rhythm counting.

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