Sources to Get Printed and Downloadable Music

There are several sources on the web to find paid and free sheet music. Some are the very simple to download or copy and paste as a graphic image. Here are some of our favorite places to find some of those great free downloads.

Virtual Sheet MusicĀ 

Classical Sheet Music Downloads at Virtual Sheet Music

Virtual Sheet Music has many free classical music downloads. There are also many folk songs also. Some great pieces are promoted from time to time that you might pick up for free.

Free downloads also include manuscript pages.

I’ve written more about them at: Virtual Sheet Music information page , where you can learn about the great membership plan and accompaniments that lets you get unlimited downloads from the catalog. Or go directly there site to check them out now:

Classical Sheet Music Downloads at Virtual Sheet Music is an interesting site where musicians can upload their work and you can download much of it for free. This site is hosted in France and aims to meet proper copyright laws while providing downloadable music. We are proud to participate to the transmission of free sheet music.

The “project” as they call it is to distribute the most important choices of free scores from public domain and from original composers with restricted licences, which means you can resell the downloads, be sure to check out the license restrictions before using the downloads. Last checked, they have over 21000 pieces of music downloadable in PDF format.

G Major Music Theory

G Major Music Theory is a free site with piano arrangements for beginners and intermediate students and musicians. It is a good place to pick up some study pieces or find a piece that is in your skill level. Most of their sheets include an audio midi-files probably exported from the notation files. That’s makes them good enough to listen to the basic themes. You’ll be responsible for adding dynamics and expression. There are some videos as well so you can see and hear the real thing. Worth checking out if your exploring around for some new music challenges.

8 Notes has over 1600 free sheet music pieces, lessons and riffs for every instrument and every style. Free sheet music, music lessons and resources for piano, guitar, flute, violin and other instruments.