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Getting It Down Cold – Music Workshops and Music Theory Course. 

These workshops and courses have been designed to allow you to master music theory in a fraction of the time that usual music lessons take.

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music theory course ‘Music Theory Course’


Fundamentals to

Intermediate course.

24 easy lessons.

Step by step to get you well on your way to be a master of music.

Summary: Music Theory Course

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Getting it Down Cold Workshops

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Note Workshop

Rhythm Workshop

music theory scales music theory chords
Keys & Scales Workshop  Creating Chord Workshop

Technique Workbooks and Reports

scales piano fingering cover

Keyboard Scale Fingerings

learn a song

Learn a Song – Crucial Steps

Secrets of Sevenths


Notation and Terminology

Materials of Music

Materials of Music by Robert Reno


Music Theory Course

See what’s included below

This complete course covers the fundamentals of music theory.

From fundamentals to intermediate levels.

The course covers what in less than a year what usually takes traditional students 3, 5 or even 7 to 10 years to learn.

It allows you to gain the knowledge you need to play music faster, improvise, re-harmonize, and own music.

You will understand music on just read it. Typically the average music student learns to read music notes, that’s like trying to read a book by spelling the  words. It’s a wonder so many fail to become great musicians.

If you are:

  • A Beginner and want to learn Music Completely
  • Are learning music and want to learn to play your instrument better
  • or think your progress is too slow.

Then,You can and should learn music theory “down cold” by learning what the masters of music were taught.

Here’s What’s Included:

The “Course Guide and Lesson Plan” uses the Getting It Down Cold Workshops to Learn Music Theory. It’s a One Time Full Download Course.

When you get the download you receive all workshops and a course guide that is a tailored action plan in 24 lessons for learning music theory in a systematic way.

The course includes a weekly email follow up to help you keep on track, similar to the monthly course.

Although each Getting It Down Cold workshops can be used individually, the guide will take you though the process of mixing and matching specific workshop sections to give you a complete rounded theory course. You will be able to learn several elements of music at the same time. 

4 Workshops with many “Getting It Down Cold” work sets

music theory notesmusic theory notes

Some of the Work Sets with Rules And Formulas Include:

  • Note symbols explaining and using pitch and time value
  • Rhythm concepts and patterns – using and understanding Time Signatures
  • 1/2 hour to learning the Master Staff and how to get it down cold easily
  • Learning the secret to why Intervals are your key to success (pun intended)
  • Learning Key Signatures relationships and use
  • Uncovering over 8 types of Scales you can use to create music
  • Creating 4 basic foundational Chords, a basis for all music systems 
  • Understanding 7 kinds of 7th Chords
  • Developing and using Harmonic Systems the easy way
  • Why and how you use Chord Progressions
  • And more.

Included with this course are

additional $56 value of bonus materials

Learn A Song – Critical Steps, Music Notation and Terminology, & Scale Piano/Keyboard Fingerings.

The course covers starting with learning notes all the way to chord mastery and finishes with an introduction to advanced theory of harmonic movement, resolution, and modulation.More Details here: GIDC – Music Theory Course

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Getting It Down Cold Workshops