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music theory courseLearn To Read Music
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Yes, It Normally Takes Four To Eight Years To Learn To Play Music Like A Pro. But You Can Learn Most Everything They Know and More, in Less Than 1/4 the Time.

music theory course
Learn Music Principles in Record Time

Even if You've Never Taken a Single Music Lesson in Your Life.

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Learning to Play your Instrument

Discover all the workshops and courses here: Workshop Courses Playing piano, guitar, or any other instrument is two fold, one is a technique issue (actually playing) and the other one of understanding music (the theory).

Most courses try to teach you to play, but you become frustrated because they take to long to teach you the principles. Most don't even do a good job of teaching technique, and I have to tell you that having mentor for technique is highly recommended.

Students Don't Succeed Because...

There are several good reasons why music students don't succeed. You already know about practice and finding good teachers.

A third reason may be the final piece of the puzzle that makes the difference in your success. Let me explain..

A Typical Story About Learning to Play an Piano or Any Instrument.

When I first attempted to learn piano I was shown a few notes at a time and never given the big picture of music theory.

I remember so well going over to Ms. Windburn's house and learning some notes. Then trying to play a super simple song and then one by one discovering something new like a F sharp (F#) showing up and not having any clue what it was, how it related to any thing, or why we would even be playing it.

guitar playingAfter weeks of this grueling process I'd finally learned enough to play something with very simple notes.

Even when I was trying to learn the guitar I was told to hold my fingers down on some strings call it some chord name and strum. Yahoo! I was playing music, NOT! This wasn't learning to play, this was copy cat learning and didn't lead to learning very much music.

I banged away at the piano for years after that. Yeah, even a few neighbors complained about the practice every so often. Loud, heavy handed, and disjointed was not very pleasant for anyone, including myself.

Music Principles as a Way to an End

Years later I finally learned, in-depth, about music theory and principles. It changed everything for me. From slow and painful to fast and easy.

If you don't learn the underlying principles you will always struggle with playing.

The quicker you can understand the music the faster you will be able to learn a song, play and collaborate in a band, concentrate on technique, make great sound, or simply enjoy a larger share of music available to play.

It's a Language! - Not Just a Bunch of Notes

Sign up for the Monthly Music Principles Course and Discover The Key Principles of Professional Musicians - Guaranteed To Allow YOU To Learn Faster And Play More Complex Music Than Ever Before! Click Here To Get Started With Mastering Music Now Learning to read music is more than just learning the notes. Music is just like learning a language. You learn the alphabet and numbers and then you put them together and group in series or sets. Then you learn to use those groups to say words which lead you to phrases and statements.

In music you learn notes and time value. You combine, stack, change pitch, and create phrases within systems to make a statement. That's music, not plinking away at some notes or strumming a few chords.

You need to learn these systems as quick as possible to be able to truly become a great musician. The problem is that most students learn the principles or theory a little at a time, and they never learn to really apply them until years later.

Here's the rub. There are over 30 key signatures (keys) you can learn. In each of those keys there are 7 sets of basic chords, let alone the many variations that one can use.

The typical methods of teaching never get to the heart of the matter. That's the understanding and application of core music principles, they all think you have to go to college to do that.

I'm here to tell you that in one year you can learn as much as many college students and without the cost.

Get Ready To Fly Past All The Frustration Of Learning Music.

music theory courseAre you Ready To Get It Down Cold?

This home study course is about learning Music Principles.  

It's a 12 month - 24 lesson course/workshop that takes you from learning the basic notes (alphabet) all the way to chord progression concepts (sentences and paragraphs).

It's called the:

Getting It Down Cold Music Theory Course

Discover Music Formulas For Learning, Playing, And Creating Music!

Monthly Music Course Covers 4 Workshop Areas

Notes, Rhtyhm, Keys & Scales, Chords

Rules And Formulas Include:

  • Note symbols explaining and using pitch and time value
  • Rhythm concepts and patterns - using and understanding Time Signatures
  • 1/2 hour to learning the Master Staff and how to get it down cold easily
  • Learning the secret to why Intervals are your key to success (pun intended)
  • Learning Key Signatures relationships and use
  • Uncovering over 8 types of Scales you can use to create music
  • Creating 4 basic foundational Chords, a basis for all music systems 
  • Understanding 7 kinds of 7th Chords
  • Developing and using Harmonic Systems the easy way
  • Why and how you use Chord Progressions
  • And more.

Here's What this Music Course Will Do For You:

Save Time

Rather than take 4 to 8 years to learn music, this course will take years off your lesson time. You'll learn and have more knowledge than a lot of college music students. And its been designed to do the essentials in less than a year.

Save Money

Think about the time and money will you spent in 4 years learning music from a piano or guitar teacher. Compare the effort here.

Slow Traditional vs Concentrated Effort
  Traditional Lessons Home Study Course
Learn Basic
Music Theory
4 to 8 years 1 year
cost $1200/year (Total $5000+) $12.50/month (Total: $150)
Implications Learn technique and theory bit by bit Learn principles and theory applied faster
Instruction Method Personalized and Slow Home Study - Step by Step - Fast Paced - Proven Methods
speed of learning Slow but Effective Fast on Principles, Allows More Focus on Technique

If you could accomplish learning the music principles in one year of focused effort you not only save thousands of dollars over your lifetime. You learn songs faster, play with more confidence, and play exceedingly hard pieces of music in less time.

Reduced Frustration Levels

Don't get me wrong, learning music is a lifetime venture, and can be frustrating if you don't know your principles and how to use them. Wouldn't be great to be learning the really fun, hard, or complex music in a couple of years instead of 6 to 8 years from now.

Become a Better Musician

No more deer in the head lights look when you try to read music! When you know and understand the music rules and principles you will be able to play or figure out just about anything. This course is about a proven way to learn and master music principles in only a few minutes a day.

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How The Music Course Works

The monthly music course is:

Fixed Length

12 Months with 2 lessons / month for a total of 24 lessons

12 months of learning step by step, each lesson building on the last. Segments learned in two week increments.

Weekly email

Delivered right to your inbox. For both lesson and supplemental materials or video on odd weeks to reinforce lessons.

Instant download

Ease of delivery and readable on your computer
available anytime to study after you receive your lesson.

PDF download format

Storable on your own computer for instant use and reference.


Print only the few pages needed to complete the workshop lesson for the week.

The Lesson Plan

Music Theory CourseThe lessons cover approximately 4 years of music principles in under a year.

Imagine getting a 3 to 5 year leap on your lessons.

In this course you are shown the way, step by step, from one music principle to the next as they build on each other.

It is done in workshop style, you have to complete short assignments and create your very own specific music theory reference book. (This one learning method is more powerful than 10 lectures in learning music!)

This lessons start by teaching you the music principle, then applies that principle in a way that guides you to learn it fully. You don't read about the rules you actually work them.

Speaking of learning methods, this course uses two very important proven methods in teaching and learning. The first is the focused, concentrated effort, with specific outcomes and goals. Staying a direct path to get from point A to Point B.

The second is incorporating all three senses (actually 4) using the visual, physical, and auditory. The fourth is the verbal, which is often forgotten as a necessary element of learning.

An example of that goes like this: You learn the major scale formula. Then create sheets for every scale you will need to know. You verbally say and play the scale. Then work on it to get it smooth. You use this as a building block to later on add minor scales and see the relationships. When you are done you have a complete reference sheet that you created and completely understand.

The Music Lessons

Let's take a look at the lesson groups to see where you will start to where you will end up.

Lesson 1 to 4 - Reading Basic Notes and Working with Rhythms

The course is designed to take you from knowing nothing about music and within the first 4 lessons you learn note symbols and time value, rhythm foundations, and the entire master staff.

Lessons 5 to 12 - Stacking Notes and Sequences of Notes (Scales) and Keys

The course takes you through a rotating cycle of learning intervals, key signatures and scales. These are big lessons and you are not going to believe the amount of music you will learn when you are done. And you're going to be able to do it with only 10 to 15 minutes a day.

Lessons 13 to 16 - Chords and Minor Keys

We'll learn about chords, covering the four types of basic chords with patterns and mind pictures, understanding and working both arpeggios and chord inversions, and we'll finish up minor key signatures. Minor keys and scales is where some of the great masterpieces have been created.

Lessons 17 to 24 - Advanced Concepts of Scales and Chords

Jumping into the more advanced scale and chord issues. Embracing harmonic system development, understanding, and use. Learning about scale types such as polytonal, blues, gospel, and others. Explore chord progressions and 7th chord structures and finally work into an overview of harmony.

There are more advanced subjects we could cover, but you need to get all of this "down cold" to be able to take advantage of the these more complex concepts.

Imagine if you could start improvising jazz in just a couple of years like a Pro!

Once you have mastered these principles you will be able to analyze and learn music fast and with ease.


Bonuses: $39 Value

Bonus #1 - Special Report: How to Learn a Song  

Crucial Steps to Quickly Mastering a Song (Value $17)

ecover-learn-songThis 40 page report was developed to provide you with a direct method of how to learn songs quickly and easily using your own instrument. 

The process uses methods that I was taught as I learned, continue to learn music, and use to teach others. 

You will find that much of what is presented in the report is based on learning music principles, theory and the various music elements.

Armed with this knowledge you will can effectively increase your ability and skills to learn and play songs at a much faster pace.

Bonus #2 - Music Notation and Terminology (Value $5)

ecover-learn-songThis 185 plus special book is a reprint of Karl W. Gehrkens Music Notation and Terminology first published in 1914. 

Although  some of the terms have been modified over the years, this is a great compilation of the history and notation that is still used today.

This book covers the majority of the terms you will run across in your study and playing present day songs and especially the works of the past.

When you run across those terms that you don't know what they mean this book will be the place you can turn to and is digitally searchable. You also get 10 MB of graphic and sound files that go with the book. If there is an example in the book there is likely a midi (sound) file or graphic you can open for a closer look.

Bonus #3 - Piano Technique Scale Fingerings (Value $17)

music theory rhythmThis music theory workbook covers in detail the proper fingering and practice of scales.

Various sections of this Workbook are incorporated into the music course as you study the scales to help you understand piano fingerings and use.

  • Major Scale Review and Scale Fingerings Intro
  • Finger Numbers and Rule for crossing thumbs
  • Major Scale Practice with Scale Fingering Pages
  • Suggested Order of Practice & Scale Practice Chart
Major and Minor scales
  • 15  Major and 15 Harmonic Minor Scales
  • Including Sharp and Flat Keys
  • Learn Contrarian Scale Motion

3 Great Bonuses to go with your Music Theory Course

Bonus #1 - Special Report: How to Learn a Song
Bonus #2 - Music Notation and Terminology
Bonus #3 - Piano Technique Scale Fingerings

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Learn To Read And Understand Music In Record Time -
Guaranteed, No Matter How Little Music You Know!

I'm not going to layout a bunch of testimonials of what people of done by taking the fast music theory approach. Let's just say you can ask any music student around and get all sorts of answers from "It's Incredibly Hard, and all the way to "You can't be a great musician without studying theory".

And as I said before that's what got me moving and why I've taken the time to produce a usable home study and teacher aid course for other students.

So here's the Guarantee...

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

The Monthly Music Course comes with a:

guarantee-100-smlRisk Free, no-questions-asked, no-hassle, guarantee

Here's the thing, I sell this subscription course through Clickbank and I have to play by their rules. I've got to offer you an 8 week, money back guarantee. I'm absolutely fine with that. I stand behind my course completely and know you'll be completely thrilled with the lessons and more importantly, the result.

If for any reason whatsoever you decide you aren't completely satisfied with the music theory course you can unsubscribe from your Clickbank billing notification at anytime.

That's right you never risk any additional subscription fee at any time. Put this music theory course to the test - all risk is on me.

How can I get more fair than that.

Start using the monthly music course and begin seeing immediate results from this system of learning or get your money back, it's as simple as that.

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If Not Now When?

Still not sure about the course?

Let me help you make a decision. Here are two PDFs from the monthly subscription course that you get when you start the class. They explain methods used and the introductory setup about how to get started and what the beginning lessons will cover.

Music Course Methods | Music Course Introduction

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* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will learn or achieve the success as fast as predicted

Here's to you mastering music,


Brad Chidester

P. S.:  With this music theory course you will set the foundation for working with music quicker than you realize. Armed with this knowledge you will be taking on more advanced concepts in no time at all.

P. P. S.:  Do you realize that by completing this music theory course you can accomplish more than most music students do in years of studying. The music theory you can learn here in weeks can take years in a traditional style of teaching.

P.P.P.S.: At the music learning workshop we endeavor to bring you a music theory course that accelerates your advancement and enjoyment of music.

Order today, no risk money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and every thing to gain.

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