What is Your Music Awareness Quotient?

knowledgeMusic Awareness? What an odd question to ask. It was for me.  With the elements of music we gain a tremendous amount of music knowledge in learning.

And if we are lucky or have a great teacher we get a glimpse at some musical insight that will change our perceptions for ever.

knowledge stepOur music consciousness raises at each turn of the page. Although sometimes turning a page may take weeks of work.

Jumps in awareness and knowledge of music occur when stepping up to a new level.

The question becomes how can we increase our ability to recognize things that will lead to better awareness and thus to increasing our knowledge base faster.

Commentary on Awareness and Knowledge in Music

Contained within these pages are thoughts and commentary about music  learning concepts, learning methods, limiting learning beliefs, practice methods, and other subjects will be added.

The whole intent is to be able to raise our awareness through knowledge of beliefs, methods, concepts, practice, and consciousness of what is going on in order to increase the effectiveness of learning and teaching music.

Below is a list of current articles that touch on these aspects of learning music.


These links will take you to these pages for discussion. In the future we will be adding these topics to our blog and hope you will participate in the conversation and share with us your thoughts and experiences about these subjects.

Music Learning Concepts touches on concepts we touch on why it takes so much time to learn music and how the methods used don’t allow you to master a concept.

Music Learning Methods touches on the techniques and philosophy of methods to learn music and how you can accelerate the learning and decrease the learning curve.

Music Learning Beliefs delves into how our limiting beliefs can be changed to help us get pass the things that are holding us back.

Music Practice Methods talks about having superior music practice skills that accelerate your practice of music, learning, and playing ability. This section touches on the music practice methods and techniques that we use and promote.

Practice Music Effectively talks about the advise we get from teachers and a method to use when practicing that gets you away from rote repetition into exploring music through practice.

Music Technique is an examination of starting of the process of learning with the proper and correct techniques.

Take the time to review the short commentary of these pages and increase your awareness quotient.

Learning Resources