Accelerate Your Playing Abilities

Learning by CyberplugThe Music Learning Workshop employs music learning methods that accelerate your learning music theory and playing ability.

This section touches on the techniques and philosophy of methods to learn music.

So when we talk about  learning methods we first have to acknowledge  that everyone has a different learning mode.

You are no exception. You have been taught many ways to learn things through out your life.

And what may be more significant is how this may influence the methods to learn music.

Learning in the 1960’s

When I first started to learn music and specifically the piano I was taught using some of the products from the 1960’s. It was actually quite boring.

I was thinking how great it would have been if we had some of that virtual reality gear around and could just plug yourself into the machine. but that’s a story for another day.

If it wasn’t for my enthusiasm at the time I do not think I would have continued to play. I quit taking lessons after one year and waited many years later to begin to study again, maybe I should say decades. Lucky for me I was studying different ways of learning and was exposed to the methods discussed here.

Your parents, your teachers, your friends, the television, the internet, and your advisers all have an influence on your current learning methods. You may have to adopt new techniques to accomplish a goal of improving how fast you can learn and improve your playing ability.

The following outlines the methods used here.

Learning Music Methods

The music learning methods used at Music Learning Workshop are based on using following techniques:

  • Breaking the music theory concepts down into manageable pieces

  • Using multiple senses

  • Having a clear picture of what you need to do or learn

  • Identify a clear target, and a path to get there


  • Apply a short definitive amount of time.

  • Apply focused attention

  • Apply focused energy

  • Reinforcing positive beliefs

  • Changing negative beliefs

This method to learn music and the techniques used lead to your ability to quickly learn and master music theory. And then to your ability to become more proficient at playing.

You will find detailed music theory concepts on this site with explanations that will allow you to get the concepts down cold.

For our purposes, we are adopting techniques from the various methods to optimize your learning experience when it comes to learning musical elements.

The following touches on a few of the music learning methods used. With any luck at all your journey will be more enjoyable and accelerate the pace at which you absorb the techniques and theory.

Using Three Sensors

There are three main learning sensors: Kinesthetic, Visual, and Auditory. Greatest learning occurs when the three primary learning methods are combined.

By combining the feel (hands and arms), the visual (reading notes and patterns), and the auditory (hearing and talking the beat, the notes, chords, etc) in combination you will internalize the material quicker than in rote learning methods. Or by using only one sense at a time.

Focused Effort

The next learning techniques are based on goal setting and targets to accomplish the goal. We implement the following method to get it down cold:

  1. Knowing your goal
  2. Defining specific targets to achieve that goal
  3. Keeping your goal in sight
  4. Providing a direct path to that goal
  5. Working on it until you get it and own it

Thus, you have a clear vision of where you’re going and a direct path to get there. All you have to do is to apply focused attention and energy on a consistent basis and you will achieve these goals quickly and easily.

Overcoming Limiting Belief Systems

Many students have beliefs that limit their ability to learn or accomplish proficiency. This can be a critical factor in your progress in learning music both in theory, practice, and performance.

musical-belief-locked-brainWhat do the great musicians have that you may not? What do you believe is holding you back from accomplishing your dreams of playing an instrument and then doing it publicly. It all likelihood it is your beliefs.

Go to the section on belief systems and turn that attitude around now.

As teachers, you witness this all the time in some of your students and it is your responsibility to change this. Some of you do a great job, others struggle with this. Learn some additional ways to help your students overcome these limitations.

These concepts are placed into music practice techniques, which are discussed here:  practice methods.

In order to be able to increase your knowledge quickly and accelerate your playing ability you need to adopt these types of music learning methods.  It truly is a better way to reduce the frustration and make your journey through this maze of theory go faster. You can apply these methods to learn music and see remarkable progress. 

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