Learn Music and Master It Quickly

The Music Learning Workshop is dedicated to the advancement of your music abilities through teaching music theory and applied music principles. 

You can learn music theory at dazzling speed. What used to take a year to learn can be learned in weeks with the right resources. Of course your determination sets the limits.

This site is a resource for you and is about helping you with music theory which is the real basis of becoming a great musician or just being able to play extremely well. 

What is the Music Learning Workshop

The site helps you by building from the basics of rhythm, notes, keys, scales, intervals, chords, and techniques into advanced music theory.

crazy-music-staff-130You will find basic principles explained, but if you want to truly get it down cold you will need to invest time and effort.

Below you will read about the music theory course which is workshop based learning and how it can help you get 4 years of music theory in one year. Making your music learning experience far more rewarding.

Additionally we cover concepts and methods of learning and teaching as well as the the common sense psychology of learning music. 

We’ve added many music related ideas and related information to provide you with tools and educational material which can accelerate your music education process.

We also have a long range goal to become your source for finding other resources by providing reviews and music related recommendations for various other related music items. Some recommendations are affiliates and can benefit us if you purchase through our links to keep this site operational. See the Affiliate Disclosure for more information.

Brad Chidester - Owner Music Leaning Workshop

Brad Chidester – Owner Music Leaning Workshop

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Learning Music Methods

Traditional music teaching and learning methods have proved there ability to SLOWLY educate the student. We are serious about helping the student to learn music faster and reduce the time needed to advance your abilities. However, be forewarned there is no overnight magic music course. It does take time, but doesn’t have to be difficult.

Although the Music Learning Workshop will strive to be a great resource, it can not replace personal instruction. There is truly no substitute for having a teacher or mentor when it comes to specific elements of learning technique and reinforcing the music theory.

Instant feedback is the one thing that you can only get from a teacher or mentor, but having great resources available also makes it easier. That’s where we come in.

From Fundamentals to Advanced

To master music from fundamentals to advanced playing takes drive combined with good teachers and tools. 

Our objective is to help you understand music theory and get it down cold, fast, by providing the tools to help you jump past traditional slow rote methods.

The Getting It Down Cold Workshops, Music Theory Course, and now the targeted Individual Music Theory Lessons were developed for the beginner to intermediate student to do just this. We are not about specific instruments, but about the music as a whole.

The course is designed to cover 3 to 5 years of learning music principles in under one year.

In addition we have made all the eBooks and other “best of” recommendations at our new sister site Music Theory Workshop.com

What You Can Expect to Find

At this site you will find:

  • First and foremost a respect for you our visitors and users

  • A commitment to provide quality information on Awareness, music learning, and teaching

  • Music theory elements in easy to understand language and formats with overviews and detail on rhythm, notes, scales, chords, key signatures.

  • Community blog – Read and comment on the musings of learning and teaching music as well as tips on technique. 

    Get updates on the latest site postings and music learning considerations.

  • References and reviews of music related resources such as specific instruction methods and courses for your musical instrument, which can help in your music journey and goals.

Welcome to the Music Learning Workshop. We hope you enjoy and benefit from the information provided here and are able to learn music quickly, increase your music knowledge, and enhance your musical playing ability.