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dvd in handOne the biggest issues guitar composers have is notation of their music in the tablature from. Now I enjoy the fret fingerings as a way to quickly learn the chord locations, but I’m a promoter of knowing your theory and not needing to be reminded every time you play what those chords are.

However, many guitar players use only the tablature notation and having a software package that will allow you to work up that type of notation will be worth having.

Here is what I’ve found for Music Notation Software Guitar on the market so far worth consideration.

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Notion Progression Guitar Notation/Tablature – Excellent feature rich program

Musitek SmartScore X Guitar Edition – handling scanned in music and editing

eMedia Guitar Pro Multi-Track Tablature Editor (Windows) Under $60

Music Notation Software Guitar Programs

Notion Progression Guitar Notation/Tablature Software for Guitarists

Progression NotationNotation software especially for guitarists! With the ability to add notes or tablature with keyboard/mouse, or from a MIDI instrument which can notate your performance as you play. There is play back using a and extensive sound library, with effects. The interactive chord library gives you an ability to find just what your looking for in sound. Easily print lead sheets for use as well and export a wav file.

Using the program you can easily edit with click and drag, note audition, and simple deletion. You get real-time dynamic linking between tab and notation staves. Other stringed instruments and tunings can also be tabbed and notated. It has an interactive chord library, lead sheet capability, tempo control. There is also an integrated audio mixer with volume, panning, and mute/solo controls.

This software is getting great reviews. . For a detailed features list and reviews check here: Notion PROGRESSION Guitar Composition Software

Notion Progression features a ton of electric and acoustic guitar samples. Amp simulators for guitar and bass are included, and in has the capacity to use your own effects plug-ins, getting control of the guitar tone is done through the amp modelers.

Technical Requirements

With 1.5 GB of high-quality samples in the library you’re going to chew up disk space and you will use over 2GB to get it all loaded up. The faster your processor the better. They are recommending 3.0 GHz or 2.0 Core Duo and at least a 1GB of RAM. On the Mac side OS X 10.4 and 2.0 GHZ processor.

Music Notation Software Guitar РGo here at: Notion PROGRESSION Guitar Composition Software

Musitek SmartScore X Guitar Edition Software (Mac and Windows)

SmartScore X Guitar – A program to handles scanned-in music accurately, simply and completely is SmartScore X for under $80.

SmartScore X is billing itself as a revolutionary departure in music scanning technology. It uses this technology to to recognize and reconstruct “nearly” any scanned musical score or PDF file. The claim is about the accuracy and completeness of the process.

I haven’t experimented with scanning and converting music as I usually quickly put in a melody line and then proceed to arrangement my own music. However, there are times I wish I had the ability to take a score that was complete and then just fiddle with it.

SmartScore has the full layout control right in front of you. You get an ability to change things by dragging control tabs on such items as staff and system heights, horizontal and vertical margins, line spacing and note size. Make changes to the overall scanned score to center, offset, and unify the score with single click effort.

The program creators are touting such capabilities that you need a human markup to make it better. But why go there if you have software that will do it for you.

I’m not going into the features of this you can do that over at this link at amazon: SmartScore X Guitar

If you have a lot of music you’re trying to work with and would like a program that will scan it in and let you manipulate it with some easy to use tools. This may be what your looking for.

It can recognize chord names as text and become fret symbols. Fret symbols transpose automatically with single line songs. You can change play properties of the dynamics and other symbols. It recognizes a more symbols accurately and has great text/lyric OCR.

Editing with the new scoring environment was built from the ground-up for maximum ease and simplicity. There are a number of other tools and features allow a wealth of score manipulation.

Output your fixed up copies to audio-CDs from finished files. Save to MusicXML, Finale, MIDI, NIFF and PDF file formats.

Technical Requirements

Windows and Mac compatible. Program isn’t to bad on system requirements will work well on just about any computer produced in the last 5 years. RAM and disk space is reasonable at:

256Mb RAM and 50Mb HD.

Pricing is between $50 and $70 which isn’t bad for the capabilities and the potential time savings it may create. Get more details and current price here: SmartScore X Guitar

Musitek also has a piano version and a Songbook Version (combines guitar and piano versions)

eMedia Guitar Pro Multi -Track Tablature Editor (Windows)


Guitar Pro 6.0 is a complete workshop for guitarists at an affordable price (retails at $60, street about $50).

Guitar Pro is a powerful and intuitive tablature editor it gets high ratings, but the users have a tendency not to write about it. I think they are just lazy. This is a good option for low range guitar notation fans.

Notation features include drum notation, vocal notation, and tablature support for any stringed instruments with four to seven strings.

It’s quick and easy to use so that you can score songs your band in minutes. Guitar Pro 5.0 create lead sheets, scores, or lesson sheets if your so inclined. It does have playback features and uses Realistic Sound Engine with high quality guitars and real time effects.

A quick run down of the features include

Chord Diagram Generator,

Scales Tool to view and listen to a large number of scales (great way to study scale application,

Digital – MIDI Tuner to plug your MIDI instrument into your computer or use a microphone. Add notes with fret board or keyboard. Import and export capabilities for MIDI and ASCII format files. There are thousands of tablatures available on the Internet in Guitar Pro format.

The WAVE Export allows you to convert a Guitar Pro file into an audio file.

The BMP Export allows you to save your tablatures to a bitmap image, which can be integrated into a web page to show it off! You think they would have added more export of images, but…

It can handle up to 256 tracks, and supports 4- to 7-stringed instruments as well as percussion. It is even possible to enter non-guitar tracks.Tablature and Standard Notation The program is designed for tablatures, but you can switch to standard notation for viewing or editing scores.

Guitar Pro’s Chord Generator can be used as a reference or to easily add chord diagrams to the score. You can query for a chord in any tuning, and it will show you every diagram possible. You create a chord diagram by clicking on the grid, and you will get the corresponding names.

Technical requirements

Fairly minimal need for computer requirements compared to the big boys, that makes it a good all round program. Windows based with a CD-ROM: Pentium 500 MHz, Windows 98SE/2000/XP, 256 MB RAM, 50 MB free Hard Drive space, Sound Card.

More details and pricing at: Guitar Pro 6.0

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