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Notation Software mid rangeMusic Notation Software Mid Range packages are in the $90 plus range and come with more features than basic packages without totally breaking the bank.

These packages are feature rich without going over the top.

There are a some great Music Notation Software Mid Range packages in this range. Click on the titles here to read up on them:

MakeMusic Finale Print Music – Notation

Forte 6 Home – Music Composition Software

Musitek SmartScore X Piano Edition Software – Scanning and editing scores

Musitek SmartScore X Songbook Edition Software – Scanning and editing scores twice the power.

Sibelius First – Music Notation Software – Notation

MakeMusic Finale Print Music – Notation Software (Mac and Windows)

printmusicFinale PrintMusic is a fast and easy way to get professional results with scoring your music. When arranging the full score you can still extract individual parts for the band. You do have the capability to play back the music with great sound choices. Printable and exportable to MP3.

PrintMusic is an excellent choice for budding musicians, arranging songs, composing your new tunes, and for the teachers and band/choir directors, and anyone needing to have options for scoring their music.

You can get a fast start. PrintMusic’s Setup Wizard allows instantaneous setting of the basics such as key and time signatures, transpositions, pickup measures. Various document styles for output to personalize the look of the music.

PrintMusic lets you put notes on the page with different options, such as mouse and keyboard, MIDI input, scanning, MusicXML files or even microphone hook up.

Play back options are very good in this package. It has an advanced feature set with 128 instrument sounds and percussion. You have the capability to add more sounds with additional purchase of effects libraries. The Human Playback(TM) is designed to give your music nuance, as if performed by live musicians. Added feature of Band-in-a-Box(R) Auto-Harmonizing adds harmonies to your melodies.
You also have the use of a mixer to fine-tune the playback.

When creating your score you have the ability to create up to 24 staves and print your score or parts, unlimited number of lyric verses, transpose to any key and for any instrument. The typical dynamics, tempos, percussion notation, chord symbols, guitar fret-boards and tablature, articulations, are all available.

One nice feature is the “QuickStart Videos” right on your computer, that come with the program to help you get started quickly.

Technical requirements

In the Music Notation Software Mid Range typical late model computer systems are needed with  Windows 7 / Vista / 8 / XP, Mac OS X , most monitors will meet the minimum resolution needs. Hard disk space is going to be around 300MB and the low end 256 MB RAM will work. Of course the better the computer the better the performance.

PrintMusic requires that you authorize the software within 30 days after installation. You are allowed to install PrintMusic on one operating system (multiple licenses excluded).

Find current pricing and more details check it out at:

Amazon – Finale PrintMusic

Forte 6 Home – Music Composition Software

If you are looking for a basic and good music notation software, that is easy to use and affordable, FORTE may be a good candidate. It has a number of features that will fit a majority of user needs.

It’s new to me so I’ve listed it as an option to consider. You can get more information here:

Forte 6 Home – Music Composition Software

Musitek SmartScore X2 Piano Edition Software (Mac and Windows)

SmartScore X Piano Edition Scanning and editing software for scores.

This software goes for under a $60 and is a great value for the functions that it has. It uses a highly accurate recognition technology to scan and capture contrapuntal voices and pedal markings. It’s ability to pick arpeggios and glissandi with precision is uncanny. Being able to scan in a score and convert it to a workable computer files has many advantages in being able to rearrange and notate quickly.

You can quickly change playback properties of most every symbol with a single click. You are given options to save changes for a single symbol, all symbols, or for all subsequent SmartScore files.

This software well let you play and practicing at slow speeds without affecting pitch. Taking it further you can mute either clef to focus in on really tough phrases.

The smart scanning interface has automatic scanner settings. Therefore you don’t have to be a genius or even have any experience to figure it out. Other scanning features like automatic resolution and a simplified multi-page scanning within a single file make this an easy program to work with.

You will never get a 100% recognition accuracy, but the tests show that they have been able to break 99% correct recognition on well-printed scores. That bodes well if you are neat, but if your sloppy expect to do a lot of editing to clean it up. So it’s going to get to be a toss up on effectiveness when it’s a lot of editing verses the input from scratch.

As with most Music Notation Software Mid Range packages all tempo, dynamic and articulation marks are recognized and automatically applied to playback, though you may do some tweaking to get what you intended. You can assign different instruments to your voices or parts very quickly.

Adding in control over the score for playback this program has some features that will be fun to play around with. The graphical velocity and tempo controllers are used for varying dynamics/tempo. Then you can add automatic Drum Groove rhythms based on a style and beats.

You also have control over the playback behavior of dynamics and the various accents used to embellish the score. The MIDI editor includes familiar Piano Roll, Overview and Event List. Two-way Notes-MIDI-Notes transparency.

Advanced editing capabilities. It is built from the ground-up for maximum ease and simplicity with features like flexible score displays: Continuous horizontal view or Multi-page view.

Error check automatically highlights problem measures and you have system width tabs, plus line, staff and system spacing tabs. You get advanced page layout controls and print previewing. Create production-quality page formats for print or PDF output.

There are several more useful functions. Transpose by key or by clef for diverse instruments, extract parts out of scores or combine parts into a conductor’s score, change the look and feel of the interface to suit your needs. The Karaoke view is a neat feature with moving or stationary bouncing ball and moving or refreshed lyrics.

There is also a feature to add “hidden” objects and then either view or hide. This way you can add notes and objects then hide them before printing. You can create scores from preset templates or from imported MIDI files as well.

Output to audio-CDs from finished files, save to MusicXML, Finale, MIDI, NIFF and PDF file formats.

Technical Requirements
Windows and Mac capable, OS system back to Windows 2000 and Mac OS 10.4, processors are Pentium I and G3 respectively. Hard disk space requirements are about 50MB and RAM as low as 256MB. Doesn’t require a lot of horse power to use, which is always nice.

Check it out at SmartScore X2 Piano Edition

Music Notation Software Mid Range top end

The same technology is also offered in a the songbook edition. Here’s the manufactures additional information that is specific to the songbook edition.

Musitek SmartScore X2 Songbook Edition Notation Software

The same technology is also offered in a the Songbook edition. This edition is about twice the price. And frankly, it looks like it combines the piano and guitar pieces into one package. Here’s the manufactures screen shots you can check out the latest price at SmartScore X2 Songbook Edition.

Musitek SmartScore Songbook Edition Notation SoftwareThe Musitek SmartScore Songbook Edition Software allows you to scan multiple pages of printed sheet music and see it reconstructed onscreen in seconds, ready for playback, transposition or part extraction.

Re-format, reprint and export finished scores to other music programs via MusicXML or MIDI.

An elegant interface includes split screen or continuous horizontal viewing of both the original scan (in yellow) and the editable SmartScore window (in white).

Advanced page layout controls and print previewing. Create production-quality page formats for print or PDF output.

Text, Lyrics and Chord Symbols Precision recognition of lyrics, text, fretboards and chord symbols including chord names written as text. Fretboards and chord symbols update when transposing to new key. Control text and lyric properties. Guitar Chord Library includes over 700 chords. Change or add your own. Modify notehead shapes (shaped notes).

Musitek SmartScore X2 Songbook Edition Notation Software

Sibelius First 7- Music Notation Software Mid Range Offering

Sibelius First 7is the Mid Range Offering by the folks at Sibelius (of course). I’ve heard a lot about the big package, but very little for this one.

It’s also not as easy to find a good buy on the Sibelius packages. But you can get reviews and find it on

They tout all the typical features, but I’m guessing that, in this class, they are all good competion for your money.

At Sibelius First 7 – Music Notation Software

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