Reading Music Starts with the ‘Note’ Fundamentals and the Easy Way to Mastering Music!

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Who Else Wants to Dominate: Notes, the Master Staff, and Intervals In A Matter Of Days?

You Can With the Music Note Workshop!

Did You Know There Are Music Students, Who Have Taken Lessons for Years, That Don’t Even Know What Intervals Are?

Notes and Intervals Are the Basis For All Your Music – Have You Mastered the Twelve Notes on the Master Staff and 12 Interval Relationships?

It is the basis for really learning to read music.

Hello Music Students and Teachers,

My name is Brad Chidester and I’m the owner of Music Learning I’ve studied music both the hard way and the easy way. 

After finding out that there is a better, faster, and easier way to learn music I started this site as a way to help others learn music quicker and with less effort.

The Issue: 

Many students have failed to properly learn to read notes and define intervals.

This is because it seems such a straight forward thing to those that do understand them, they fail to properly teach those that don’t. 

The Music Note Workshop we are introducing has concepts taught that not only allow students to learn faster they are more creative in their ability to learn songs and even compose.

What’s worse is that without a good fundamental understanding of intervals they will never understand the advanced and compound chord structures of jazz or the fantastic arrangements of the great composers until these concepts sink in indirectly.

As a student you shouldn’t get left behind and should master this fundamental music element today!

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My Short Story

I had been learning songs the note by note way for quite a few years. By the way my primary instrument is the piano. Then I started, almost from scratch, with a teacher that is big into music theory and into finding methods of teaching that make it easy to learn.

We started looking at intervals – that distance between two notes – and the patterns, sounds and look of them and I started seeing them all over the place.

All of a sudden I started getting the big picture and the relationships, the patterns, the connectedness of music.

I’m a visual learner and I have to tell you this completely changed the way I was reading and analyzing music. I still get very excited when I think back about how much progress I was able to make by just studying this one element of music.

All of a sudden I was moving quicker in learning songs. I was able to move smoothly from one set of notes to the other.

My understanding of scales and chords was made super easy by using the interval definitions.

What The Music Note Workshop Can Do for You!

Putting the two sides of your naturally ability together with your aware mind is what you have to get accomplished.

You can do that with some focused and concentrated effort and plan to get there.

Notes and Intervals are used to help define other elements of music.

Adding and moving intervals is what will define scales, change key signatures, build chords, make compound jazz chords.

You want to be able to have note locations and intervals as a natural part of your study.

Once you have them down the others just make sense without the struggle that most students go through.

Announcing the

Getting It Down Cold Music Note Workshop.

Your Journey To Learn And Master Music Notes And Elements Starts Here

Let me start by letting you know there is a systematic easy to understand approach that lets you master notes and intervals.

As a matter of fact this straight forward approach will lead you through an understanding of note names, note location on the master staff, and interval development for major and minor intervals in an amazing short period of time.

It’s not hard to learn them in a day and then master them with practice in just a couple of weeks with this Music Note Workshop.

You start with the fundamental understanding of:


  1. Names
  2. where they are on a keyboard
  3. flat and sharp notes

Then we move right into the Master Staff

  1. learning the notes in patterns and groups
  2. using a story to make it easy to remember the note locations in your head
  3. using flash cards and groupings to increase speed and retention

Exploring Intervals and how they:

  1. are defined and developed
  2. are labeled
  3. can be named
  4. will look on a keyboard and the staff
  5. are related
  6. patterns are formed
  7. sound quality is described
  8. patterns look at different locations on a staff and keyboard

From there you’re going to see how they relate to each other by sight and sound.

Once you’ve gotten that information you take the time to develop your own set of flash cards. (this is critical in this learning method, we want you to take the time to physically work out your own cards, the benefits are outstanding.)

Use this series of flash cards to help you master the recognition of intervals.

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The Big Picture way

Using the intervals so that you learn them quickly and put them together in a big picture gives you a jump on learning all the other aspects of music.

It used to be that you would learn a third interval and a couple of the other intervals, but no one every told you what they really meant. You never got the full picture in a way that really made then connected.Well it’s about time you did!

What do I need to know to be able to use the Music Note Workshop?

You don’t need to know anything about notes. We’ll lead you from start to finish.

Well, that and a willingness to put in a little time.

That’s it. No special knowledge just a little bit of will and a little bit of time every now and again. But remember the more effort you put into it the more you will get out of it.

Look, the Music Note Workshop is design to help you get past some of the hurdles that get in the way of learning music well. What most people want and need is to be shown a simple, direct, and planned way of getting it done.

That’s what these workshops do!  The layout simply gives you a plan of attack to get these hurdles like the master staff and intervals behind you. It’s easy and you know exactly what you need to do next to get it done.


100% Risk-Free Guarantee


Notes Workshop come with a no-questions-asked, no-hassle, 60 day money back guarantee

If for any reason whatsoever you decide you aren’t completely satisfied with the course just email me anytime within the next 60 days and I’ll buy it back from you.

Risk Free

That’s right 60 days to put the these this Music Note Workshop to the test – all risk is on me. How can I get more fair than that.

Start using the Music Note Workshop and begin seeing immediate results from this system of learning or get your money back, it’s as simple as that.

The longer you wait to get started the longer it will be before you see results.

Don’t put it off and then six months from now think about how much time and money you will have lost.

If you want to make progress you have to begin now.

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OK, Are You I’m ready to master notes and intervals now.

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music theory chords

The Music Note Workshop for the new musician is essential

Don’t be fooled by the e-book download. This is 100% workshop material designed to be used on your computer.

You only print what you need for a workset and get you through the necessary first basic elements of reading and understanding music notes.

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Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will learn or achieve the success as fast as predicted.

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Here’s to you mastering music,


PS:  With this Music Note Workshop you have laid the foundation for working with all the other elements of music. Armed with this knowledge you will be taking on more advanced concepts in no time at all.


Do you realize that by completing this Music Note Workshop you can accomplish more than most music students do in years of studying. 

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 To Your Success!