Music Practice Techniques That Accelerate Your Playing Abilities

For music practice methods, the path is laid out as we have discussed with music learning methods. To truly apply a music practice technique, it will be up to you to take the time needed to accomplish the work.

You either take action or not to practice music. That will be the ultimate determination as to your success and whether the music practice technique is effective.

Our pages and workbooks have provided the outline and the path, you must apply the energy. We know if you have the drive, we are preaching to the choir. OK, pun intended. And believe us, we hope this is the case. You are the master of your journey and quest for music.

How Do You Make Your Practice Great?

Music PracticeSo that brings us to crucial part of practicing. 

How do we practice music without getting bogged down in the rote method of learning?

We build it into the material and the music practice methods using our music learning methods.

You take it one bite at a time. You don’t want to learn it all at once. You take a little bit, let it sink in, and then build on the success of the past.

You can’t jump in and expect to get it all at once.

Short Focused Practice Segments

Therefore learning can and should be developed to allow you to practice 5 minutes or 30 minutes or an hour at a time. Sometimes completing one item may be 10 minutes of practice. Sometimes it may be 2 minutes.

But the idea is that it is just one concentrated attention and focused energy. It is much better to take 5 minutes of focused time to master a single concept than it is to play an hour and simply repeat something in a rote fashion and make no progress.

So what are you focusing on?

Just one thing at a time. Lets say you quickly learn the basic rhythm of 4/4 time. The next step will be focusing on just accenting the first beat of the rhythm. The step after that is focusing on accenting the first and third beat. And then the second and forth beats, etc.

By taking these simple steps of concentrated effort you begin your mastery of the theory and your abilities.

What Happens in an Extended Session

To practice music in an extended session you may end up covering five different musical elements (rhythm, chords, scales, or a combined effort of rhythm on scales) of 5 to 8 minutes each and accomplish more ground than if you spent all your time on one thing for the same half hour of unfocused.

Wrap Up

By having programed music practice methods built into the music practice process you can quickly absorb and assimilate the music theory and playing ability. The application of special music practice techniques built into your materials makes it easy to flatten the learning curve.

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