Mastering the Master Staff Easier than You Think

One of the most challenging things that students go through is learning the notes on the master staff. There are the association¬†methods used such as the old favorite every good boy does fine, or FACE. What’s missing is the a good way of making sure you learn the bass clef and treble clef relationships at the same time.¬†¬†

We’ve created a course on Mastering the Master Staff within the new Notes Workshop with a new approach. It is also covered in the Music Theory Course.

The Master Staff:

The masterstaff on a keyboard

The master staff is a way to identify all the notes used in a four octave range. That range is shown on the above keyboard and colored so that you can see where on the staff and the key board that the notes represent.

Learning the master staff has been one of the hardest things students have had to do. This is because of the poor methods used to teach notes.

They are taught in a way where you only learn a few at a time. The key to learning notes quickly is to take a big picture and relationship approach.

Our new workshop and theory course does that and more. Be sure to give them some consideration in your learning efforts.

We’ve also recently introduced the a individual lesson for just the master staff. you can find it here: Master the master staff

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