7 Kinds of Sevenths That Add Character to Songs

7th-chordsSeventh Chords are used to to create hip sounds with the music. The four chords  discussed  at Music Theory Chords can all have a 7th interval added to create a new sound.

There are 7 kinds of sevenths when you can create by adding major and minor 3rds. 

Why only seven and not eight? It seems like Karma to have seven kinds of sevens.

Types of Seventh Chords

Going back to the original chords we have the option of adding the scale interval of minor 7 and major 7 to the chords. However, For the augmented chord only a major 7 can be added, that is because a minor 3rd added to the chord is the major 7.

Major Chord Sevenths

There are two major chord sevenths each called a specific name. The dominant seventh (C7 for C dominant 7) and the major seventh (CM7 for C major 7). Notice how the notes will still be on either all lines or all spaces on the staff.

seventh-c-dom7-treble clefThe Major Chord Dominant Seventh is the addition of the minor 3rd to the chord, that is a minor 7th (b7). Here is how this chord is mathematically.

 Major Chord Dominant 7th ; C7
  Intervals:   1   3   5   b7
  Half Steps: S + 4 + 3 + 3
 Notes for C7:  C   E   G   Bb 


seventh chord c maj7 treble

The Major Chord Major Seventh chords uses 4 half steps to add the major seventh (M7).


Major Chord : Major 7th ; CM7
Intervals:     1   3   5   7
Half Steps:   S + 4 + 3 + 4 
Notes for CM7: C   E   G   B

 This method of half steps is how you build all the seventh chords. The other five seventh chords are:

Minor Dominant Seventh

Minor Major Seventh

Diminished Dominant Seventh

Half Diminished Seventh

Augmented Seventh

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