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This is a music principles course designed in 4 workshop areas as a self study workshop and teaching aid. Lessons have full color graphics and worksheets.

Starts from scratch with no knowledge about music and takes you through advanced concepts in chord construction. This course is not design to have you learn technique or play a specific instrument it is designed to teach you to read and understand music so that learning and playing songs on your piano, guitar, or playing in a band is faster and easier.

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Music Teachers and Homeschoolers,

My name is Brad Chidester and I'm the owner of Music Learning

Whether you are teaching music theory to children or studying for music theory advanced placement you need to have a good music theory teaching tool.

I've made this 15 minute video to describe technique and principles of music and some of the issues of teaching and learning music and why I've developed this home study course.

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What Most Music Theory Instruction Lacks

Many of the music theory instructions lack full application of teaching and learning techniques, that is they give basic principals without the full music theory training by covering the principal in practice and application.

Music theory is taught by either at the moment need of the student or through the piece meal approach of standard theory method books. Most of these books are good at telling the music student elements of music theory, but don't engage them in the use of these principals of music.

Why Concentrating On Playing Not Theory is Slow

Many teachers really concentrate on the instrument and the music theory instruction is left for the at the moment need. In practice this works, but leaves the student usually trying to grasp several concepts of technique and theory at the same time.

To teach music theory this way becomes a drawn out process and the music theory training is secondary rather than primary for the student. I've observed that when the theory is done more holistically the students actually achieve greater skill and accelerated application of music.

Announcing A New Music Theory Course for Teaching
Designed for the Teacher and Student Alike!

Complete Foundation to Intermediate  
Music Theory Course

You can help your student master 

the essential elements of music theory in under a year.

Let our new course be the new music theory tutor for your students.

music theory courseIt is a home study and class room instruction method that allows you to assign lessons one week and follow up the next, it also allows you to concentrate on the technique of playing without getting bogged down in the theory as you go.

The Getting It Down Cold Music Theory Course is a 800 plus page music theory instructor for advancing your students quicker and further than ever before.

In a nut shell, the full course covers 24 lessons that move from learning the piano notes, master staff, rhythm, intervals, key signatures, scales (7 different kinds), chords (triads, sevenths, extended), harmonic systems, and chord progressions.

This advances the students music knowledge by 3 to 5 years compared to slow rote methods.

In addition, you can sign up for the one year e-mail follow up system (required for the subscription course) where you or the student will receive an e-mail once a week to keep them on track with their studies. One is for the lesson the second is a follow-up to that lesson.

What The Students Will Learn

The course has an outline of 24 lessons and achievements.

Completing the full course the student will have learned music theory fundamentals to intermediate level as well as some advanced concepts. They will learn and master:

  • Note symbols, explaining and using pitch and time value
  • Rhythm concepts and patterns - using and understanding Time Signatures
  • 1/2 hour to learning the Master Staff and how to get it down cold easily
  • Learning the secret to why Intervals are your key to success (pun intended)
  • Learning major and minor Key Signatures relationships and use
  • Uncovering over 8 types of Scales you can use to create music
  • Creating 4 basic foundational Chords, a basis for all music systems¬†
  • Understanding 7 kinds of 7th Chords
  • Developing and using Harmonic Systems the easy way
  • Why and how you use Chord Progressions
  • And more.

The methods of stories and activities keeps them engaged in the learning process and you, the teacher, can focus on playing and technique more while working with the student on the theory from beginning to end.

bonus FREE Bonuses ($29 Value)!

  • Crucial Steps to Quickly Learning a Song report

  • Special digital version of Music Notation and Terminology.

  • Scales Workbook on Fingerings for the Piano


ecover-learn-songBonus #1 - Special Report:

How to Learn a Song  
Crucial Steps to Quickly Mastering a Song

(Value $12)

This 40 page report was developed to provide you with a direct method of how to learn songs quickly and easily using your own instrument.


Bonus #2 - Piano Technique Scale Fingerings (Value $12)

music theory rhythm

This music theory workbook covers in detail the proper fingering and practice of scales.

Great visual learning technique for the student to Master Scale Fingering on the piano.

Major and Minor scales
  • 15  Major and 15 Harmonic Minor Scales
  • Covers Sharps and Flats Keys
  • Contrarian Scale Motion for dexterity

Bonus #3 - Music Notation and Terminology (Value $5)


This 185 plus special book is a digital reprint of Karl W. Gehrkens Music Notation and Terminology first published in 1914. 

Maybe some of the terms have been morphed in the last century, but this is still a fantastic source of the history and notation that is still used today.

Best use: electronic search for music terms, sample audio for examples. All around great resource.

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Students and Teachers are Using this Course in a Couple of Ways.

The lesson plan was put together as a twice a month lesson for 12 months covering over 4 normal years of theory. The student would be given a lesson and then have two weeks to complete the assignments, any additional reading material, or put the principles into action. This is how the monthly subscription course is delivered.

Some are getting the full course and following the lesson plan on an accelerated schedule completing some assignments in a few days and taking extra time on bigger assignments. We caution that the lessons need to be absorbed so it's not always practical to race through them.

The individual workshops were developed to allow students to really concentrate on specific areas of music and can be used as stand alone teaching tool. With well over a 100 pages of materials in each workshop you have plenty to learn.

The standard lesson plan allows you to develop across all 4 workshop areas with lessons from each subject on a rotating basis to tie all the principles together when you want to teach the full theory course.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

brad chidesterThe Music Theory Course comes with a no-questions-asked, no-hassle, guarantee.

Here's the thing, I sell this course through "Clickbank" and I have to play by their rules. They require an 8 week, money back guarantee. I'm absolutely fine with that, I'd do that anyway.

guarantee-100-smlI stand behind my materials completely and know you'll be completely thrilled with the content and, more importantly, the result.

If for any reason whatsoever you decide you aren't completely satisfied with the music theory course you can request a refund imediately through your clickbank email purchase reciept.

It's as simple as that.

Why is this Course Only Available Digitally?

We found that printing doubles the cost of the course, to make it affordable in a hard copy format I'd have to compromise on the layout, quality, and easy of reading. I'm just not willing to do that at this time.

It is designed to be easily read on the computer and comes in a PDF format that is also searchable.

It isn't necessary to print all the materials. Only certain worksheets need to be used in this way so that the student can print what they need when they need it.

Still not sure about the course?

Let me help you make a decision. Here are two PDFs of parts of the course that you get when you start the class. They explain methods used and the introductory setup about how to get started and what the beginning lessons will cover.

Music Course Methods | Music Course Introduction

music theory rhythm height=Here's How to Start Teaching Music Theory Now!


Get 24 Segment Lesson Plan
and 4 GIDC Workshops

Notes, Rhythm, Keys and Scales, Creating Chords,
Secret of Sevenths included

Free Bonuses ($29 Value)

 How to Learn a Song Quickly and Easily,
Notation Reference,  Piano Technique - Scale Fingerings

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Getting It Down Cold - Music Theory Course
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Additionally, you will be on our special coaching e-mail list for just the music theory course owners. You will receive an e-mail every week making sure you are on track with your 12 month lesson plan with tips and suggestions to help you complete the lessons and make progress

Need more advanced materials?

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Bob Reno's Materials of Music


Here's How to Get the Course and What to do next:

Here's How to Get the Course and What to do next:

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Right Click the links and save file as to download the files to your desktop or better yet create a specific download folder for your course or workshop.

For the subscription course you will receive your initial bonuses "Crucial Steps" and "Notantion" ebook as well as Lesson 1. Note that the scale fingerings are provided with a later lesson.

Unzip files into a new folder on your hard drive.

Warning! - These are a large files (15 MB for Full course and 10 MB Notation support files) You are getting a lot of information here and it will take some time to download.

Step 3: Confirm Submission to E-mail list for the ownership of the course or join the ezine list for workshops.  

You will receive a confirmation e-mail for the e-mail list separately for the course.

Step 4: Open Lesson Plan & Work the Plan  

Open getting started files. Begin learning the easy way with the Getting It Down Cold Music Theory Course and your fast journey into music mastery.

Don't worry, We will NOT rent, trade, or release your name to any third party for any reason - ever. We respect YOUR e-mail privacy and hate spam with a passion.

* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will learn or achieve the success as fast as predicted

.. yes get immediate access even at 2:00 A.M.

Here's to your students mastering music,

Brad Chidester

PS:  With this music theory course you can be teaching music theory and lay the foundation for working with music quicker than you realize. Armed with this knowledge you will be taking on more advanced concepts in no time at all.

PPS:  Do you realize that by teaching music theory with this course you can accomplish more with your students than others do in years of studying. The teaching music theory can do more for learning in weeks and can take years in a traditional style of teaching.

PPPS: At the music learning workshop we endeavor to bring you music theory course that accelerate your advancement and enjoyment of music.

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 To Your Success!