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Classical Sheet Music Downloads at Virtual Sheet Music

Free Sheet Music

At Virtual Sheet Music you have access to free classical music downloads on a limited number of pieces of music. Many of these pieces are great works for specific instruments, but are available on a limited promotional basis.

There is always something new to explore. Free Sheet Music, Free Manuscript Paper and Free iPhone/iPod Applications

Purchase Option

They have also the option to purchasing music much like the standard online shops. Prices range across the spectrum, single sheets can be below $5 and song collections for under $15.

Go Here to check out the Full List Catalog of classical sheet music for piano, violin, flute, etc.

Membership Option

Here’s the real kicker, a a membership program that allows an unlimited number of downloads for a reasonable membership fee of $37.75 for the first year, if you wish to continue into future years the renewal is only $25.99 per year. Go here to see the benefits: Virtual Sheet Music – Downloads Membership

Considering the price of sheet music, it only takes a few downloads to pay for the cost of membership and at their prices ten downloads and you’ve got you’re membership paid. This really is a good deal if you’ve wanted to pick up some great classical music without having to buy several volume sets.

Quality Downloads

The songs are high quality classical sheet music instantly downloadable, with exclusive transcriptions and arrangements for any instrument and ensemble not found elsewhere.

Any sheet music title you download from Virtual Sheet Music is pure digital, original and legal sheet music created from scratch, NOT photocopies from other editions. Their download editions are recognized by several major music schools and institutions as suitable for study, competitions, examinations and public performances.

The archives include over

  • 1,600 PDF sheet music files,
  • over 7,000 MIDI audio files,
  • over 7,000 Mp3 audio files
  • over 16,000 Mp3 music accompaniment files

With a total of over 30,000 files available that membership is looking better all the time. Virtual Sheet Music Membership

Music Accompaniment Recordings

Accompaniment recordings have been around for a long time. You’ve probably heard about the such products as “Music Minus One” audio and sheet music where you fill in the minus one part. These are OK amateur musician recordings, however, they do have some drawbacks with uneven dynamics and highly rigid beats or tempos and usually a bit to fast for learning.

Missing from these types of accompaniments are metronome “clicks”, “taps” or other audio markings, which can be very helpful when you practice.

When accompaniments are fully orchestrated or have to many band members it can be difficult for you to focus on your part, especially if you are only auditioning with a piano.

Virtual Sheet Music Mp3 accompaniment files have been designed for the soloist in piano versions, with clear and concise audio metronome.

Accompaniment files in duet, trio, quartet and entire ensemble versions are also available. I hadn’t really thought about until I was exploring these files, but having several versions can make it easier to learn. Start with the simple and then work into the full orchestration.

Music Accompaniment files have a audio metronome of two bars before start and:

  • A clean full-speed version no accented beats during playback
  • A full-speed version with accented beats for the duration of the song
  • A recommended practice file. This is a slower tempo (-20%) version as above with beats threw the playback

Learn More here: Music Accompaniment Files – how it works

Check Out Virtual Sheet Music

I was impressed with the selection and approach that this online store has for obtaining classical music. I wish I had learned about this one years ago.

I had always photo copied out pieces of music to work on from the larger volumes and I have paid the higher prices for hundreds of songs I’ll never play. Having this resource where you can get what you want with a simple yearly membership sure is appealing. Go check them out I’m sure you’re going to agree as well.

Classical Sheet Music Downloads at Virtual Sheet Music