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music theory courseLearn To Read Music Like A Pro!

Spending Only 10 To 15 Minutes A Day, in Under A Year.

Yes, It Normally Takes Four To Eight Years To Learn To Read and Potentially Play Music Like A Pro. But You Can Learn Most Everything They Know and More, in Less Than 1/4 the Time.

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Hello Music Students and Teachers,

My name is Brad Chidester and I’m the owner of Music Learning

I’ve studied music both the hard way and the easy way.  After experiencing an immersion in music principles and theory I was able to accelerate my skills at playing music. You too can learn faster and easier through complete knowledge of principles. 

cover-full-course-t250I developed this course as a way to help others learn music quickly and with less effort.

The Issue: 

“Finding a Music Course Which Actually Accelerates the Learning of Music Principles and Not in the Old Fashion Text Book Method.”

You can find a lot of information and text books about music theory, However…

I know that most teachers take far too long to get the theory taught to their students, sometimes you can study for years and never learn the real basics.

Others make sure you are getting it done at a much faster rate. And quite frankly you need to find one or be one of those teachers.

Some of you have even tried those books that insult your intelligence. You’re not dumb or an idiot, you have simply not been informed. Please, you wouldn’t be looking for a resource like this if you were. You’re smart because you’re looking for that great resource that’s going to get you where you want to go.

Theorist vs. Note by Note Teaching

Did you know that the great composers where taught by theorists and were not taught note by note like so many of the teachers and methods do today. They were composers because they truly understood and used theory concepts and music principles.

Today teaching is done mostly note by note and therefore people don’t read music they spell it note by note. You can learn to play but you don’t understand what you’re playing.

It’s the folks that take the time to learn music principles and concepts that become
great composers and arrangers and masters of performance.

I remember the day that one of my mentors said that they have taken on students, who have been taught for several years, and don’t even know how to define or understand intervals. (The distance between two notes.) This is one of most basic concepts we have in music.

Studying music principals and applying that knowledge is really the key to accelerating your music learning experience.

The Fast and Easy Way

That’s why I have developed workshops and this music theory course that accelerate your knowledge of these fundamental elements of music and allow you to learn music fast and get the concepts down cold.

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Getting It Down Cold
Complete Fundamental to Intermediate  
Monthly Music Theory Course



The course covers:

Notes and Symbols 

Master Staff Mastery

Intervals: Major and Minor

Rhythm Definitions and Symbols

30 Time Signature Rhythms 4/4, 3/4, 6/8
Quadruple, Triplet, & Swing

Key Signatures & Scales: 
Major & Minor, Blues, Gospel,

 and a Bunch More 

Creating Chords
and Chord Progressions

This complete fundamental to intermediate music theory course (about 4 to 5 years of regular lessons) is completed in four workshops. Or using the 24 lesson plan you work the materials, building and rotating between the various subjects to give you a broad understanding of music. Each lesson is completed quickly, and then you take time to study or practice the materials before jumping into the next subject.

The course is designed to be easily read on your computer and printing select pages to do the workshop excerises. You can master the necessary basics of music, in a few months or doing just two lessons a month in under a year.

 FREE Bonuses!

Bonus #1 – Special Report: How to Learn a Song  

Crucial Steps to Quickly Mastering a Song

learn-a-song-t250This 40 page report was developed to provide you with a direct method of how to learn songs quickly and easily using your own instrument. 

The procedure uses methods that I was taught as I learned, continue to learn music, and use to teach others. 

You will find that much of what is presented in the report is based on learning and applying music principles to speed up how you learn songs.

Armed with this knowledge you will can effectively increase your ability and skills to learn and play songs at a much faster pace.


Bonus #2 – Piano Technique Scale Fingerings

This music theory workbook covers in detail the proper fingering and practice of scales.

During the course you will recieve follow up emails with the portions of this workbook that are applicable at the proper lesson time.


Think if you could master Scale Knowledge and be able to improvise at will. This is one of the most significant things you can learn in being able to become a great musician.

Here’s what you’ll learn in these bonus sections.


  • Major Scale Review and Scale Fingerings Intro
  • Finger Numbers and Rule for crossing thumbs
  • Major Scale Practice with Scale Fingering Pages
  • Suggested Sequence of Practice & Scale Practice Chart

Major and Minor scales

  • 15  Major and 15 minor Scales
  • Including Sharps and Flats
  • Learn Contrarian Scale Motion

Bonus #3 – Music Notation and Terminology

notation and termsThis 185 plus special book is a reprint of Karl W. Gehrkens Music Notation and Terminology first published in 1914. 

Although  some of the terms have been modified over the years, this is a great compilation of the history and notation that is still used today.

This book covers the majority of the terms you will run across in your study and playing present day songs and especially the works of the past.

When you run across those terms that you don’t know what they mean this book will be the place you can turn to and is digitally searchable.
You also get 10 MB of graphic and sound files that go with the book. If there is an example in the book there is likely a midi (sound) file or graphic you can open for a closer look.

4 Great Bonuses to go with your Music Theory Course

Bonus #1 – Special Report: How to Learn a Song
Bonus #2 – Piano Technique Scale Fingerings
Bonus #3 – Music Notation and Terminology
  Unspecified bonus lesson – Advanced concepts

 Getting It Down Cold Music Theory Course

Discover Music Formulas For Learning, Playing, And Creating Music!

Monthly Music Course Covers 4 Workshop Areas In 22 Lessons

Rules And Formulas Include:

  • Note symbols explaining and using pitch and time value
  • Rhythm concepts and patterns – using and understanding Time Signatures
  • 1/2 hour to learning the Master Staff and how to get it down cold easily
  • Learning the secret to why Intervals are your key to success (pun intended)
  • Learning Key Signatures relationships and use
  • Uncovering over 8 types of Scales you can use to create music
  • Creating 4 basic foundational Chords, a basis for all music systems 
  • Understanding 7 kinds of 7th Chords
  • Developing and using Harmonic Systems the easy way
  • Why and how you use Chord Progressions
  • And more.

Lessons # 23 & 24 – Secrets of 7th Chords

cover-sevenths_t250This 35 page report was developed to provide you with a direct method of understand the structure and use of seventh chords. 

Lessons #23 & #24 cap off the creating chords workshop by making sure you have the real knowledge to work with 7th chords.

Armed with the knowledge of how 7th chords are created with 4 types of chords and 3 types of seventh intervals you will can effectively increase your ability and skills to learn and play songs at a much faster pace.

You will get to know what tritones are and how they work.  This understanding of resolution of 7th chords makes your music more complex and interesting, even hip.

We cover the secrets of harmonic systems and how you can build your own system based on scale choices. 

We have a section on characteristics of 7ths and standard usage.

And last we cover a few of the progressions you need to know when using sevenths.

Special Bonus Lesson 24a –

Advanced concepts introduction to Harmonic Progression, Resolution, and Modulation. This is the jumping board into advanced playing and composition.

Here’s What this Music Course Will Do For You:

Save Time

Rather than take 4 to 8 years to learn music, this course will take years off your lesson time. You’ll learn and have more knowledge than a lot of college music students. And its been designed to do the essentials in less than a year.

Save Money

Then Others Wish You Would Buy It, Because They Hate Teaching It.

Think about the time and money will you spent in 4 years learning music from a piano or guitar teacher. Compare the effort here.

Slow Traditional vs Concentrated Effort
  Traditional Lessons Home Study Course
Learn Basic
Music Theory
4 to 8 years 1 year
cost $1200/year (Total $5000+) $12.50/month (Total: $150)
Implications Learn technique and theory bit by bit Learn principles and theory applied faster
Instruction Method Personalized and Slow Home Study – Step by Step – Fast Paced – Proven Methods
speed of learning Slow but Effective Fast on Principles, Allows More Focus on Technique

After 4 years you’ve spent nearly $5000 with music books and other things.

(And I don’t even want to talk about college tuition if you go that route.)

If you could accomplish learning the music principles in one year of focused effort you not only save thousands of dollars over your lifetime. You learn songs faster, play with more confidence, and play exceedingly hard pieces of music in less time.

Reduced Frustration Levels

Don’t get me wrong, learning music is a lifetime venture, and can be frustrating if you don’t know your principles and how to use them. Wouldn’t be great to be learning the really fun, hard, or complex music in a couple of years instead of 6 to 8 years from now.

Become a Better Musician

No more deer in the head lights look when you try to read music! When you know and understand the music rules and principles you will be able to play or figure out just about anything. This course is about a proven way to learn and master music principles in only a few minutes a day.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I’m not going to layout a bunch of testimonials of what people of done by taking the fast music theory approach. Let’s just say you can ask any music student around and get all sorts of answers from it’s incredibly hard all the way to you can’t be a great musician without studying theory.

And as I said before that’s what got me moving and why I’ve taken the time to produce a usable course for other students. So here’s the Guarantee…

The Music Theory Course comes with a no-questions-asked, no-hassle, guarantee.

guarantee-100-smlIf for any reason whatsoever you decide you aren’t completely satisfied with the music theory course you can request of refund.
Risk Free

That’s right you can put this music theory course to the test – all risk is on me. How can I get more fair than that.

Start using the workshop music theory course, dig in for the next 60 days and begin seeing immediate results from this system of learning or get your money back, it’s as simple as that.

Recent Feedback

I’m 41 years old and have been learning Classical guitar for the last three years. (No previous music background). I like my teacher, although his focus is mostly technique. This course is a good compliment to my guitar lessons. — Carlos

….Chaim H. (born an raised in England) married and living in Belgium. — March 2011

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The longer you wait to get started…
the longer it will be before you see results.

Don’t put it off and then six months or a year from now think about how much time and money you will have lost.

If you want to make progress you have to begin now!!!!!!

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Getting It Down Cold (GIDC)
Music Theory Course


24 segment Lesson Plan
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This is Not a Video Course It’s a written Workshop which forces you to engage manually to learn the materials.

Notes Workshop
Rhythm Workshop
Keys and Scales Workshop
Creating Chords Workshop


Free Bonuses

How to Learn a Song Quickly and Easily,
Notation Reference,
Secrets of 7ths,
Piano Technique – Scale Fingerings, and
a special bonus lesson to set the stage for advanced study.

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Here’s to you mastering music,

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PS:  With this music theory course you can build the foundation for working with music quicker than you realize. Armed with this knowledge you will be taking on more advanced concepts in no time at all.

 To Your Success!