“Who Else Wants to Play Guitar Like a Rock Star?”

But where do you go to Learn Real Guitar Playing?

To play guitar always looks easy, but the reality may be the opposite. I am guessing you’ve looked around for guitar playing online courses and haven’t been really satisfied with what you’ve found. 

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there is an easy to learn guitar course that

will enable you to play in no time flat so that next time you can really wow your friends and family during a big gathering?  And it wouldn’t cost you an arm and leg to get it.

There are two major choices in full course possibilities I see as worth your consideration. The first is a new subscription based video option that is getting a lot of attention in 2012 and 2013. It’s Called:

JamPlay Superior Guitar Online

Their streaming video series provides for Beginner, Genre, and Song learning and is streamed to your computer or tablet so you can learn at your time and space. Check out this sample lesson for Counterpoint to see what you’ll be getting.


Click on the link or banner below to learn more about what JamPlay can offer you. Beginner Guitar Lessons Online