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" Key Signature Table"
Quick Reference Table for Major and Minor Keys

Constructing a Music Theory Key Signature

The starting point for Key Signatures is with the key of C. It has no flats or sharps in the major scale. Refer to the scales page for definitions of major scale.

The table below shows the development of keys by going up a fifth. The minor key signatures are a minor 3rd down from the major key. There are three types of minors which are shown here to illustrate the sharps and flats associated with them.


This table is for your quick reference.  To fully understand key signatures explore the additional pages.

Major Key Name Number of
Sharps (#) or
Flats (b)
Sharp or Flat Names
C None - -
G 1 # F#
D 2 # F# - C#
A 3 # F# - C# - G#
E 4 # F# - C# - G# - D#
B or  5 # F# - C# - G# - D# -
F# 6 # F# - C# - G# - D# -
A# - E#
C# 7 # F# - C# - G# - D# -
A# - E# - B#
Cb 7 b Bb - Eb - Ab - Db -
Gb - Cb - Fb
Gb 6 b Bb - Eb - Ab - Db -
Gb - Cb
Db 5 b Bb - Eb - Ab - Db -
Ab 4 b Bb - Eb - Ab - Db
Eb 3 b Bb - Eb - Ab
Bb 2 b Bb - Eb
F 1 b Bb
C None - -

The Key Signature Table is a handy way to refer to the keys when you haven't been working with them for a while, it helps to put this type of reference close by incase you get hung up on remembering them.

However, if you have adequately studied and got them down cold. It just won't be necessary.

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