Why It Takes So Long to Master the Music Learning Process

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A quick story on learning music concepts. When I first started the music learning process, the method used was to teach me was to give me one little piece of a music element at a time.

So instead of seeing an overview of the music concept, I’d get to learn two or three notes. Then I would get an F sharp and where it would be on the keyboard. This is the most basic music learning process used for a number of beginning students.

Never was this put in a bigger context for me so that I got a picture of the larger music learning concepts. Still today I see this type of teaching taking place. It is so terribly boring and slow, it’s a wonder that anyone sticks with it.

I Didn’t Stick with It

In fact I didn’t stick with it after the first year. It wasn’t until many years later that I discovered accelerated learning techniques and how the were applied to the music learning process. That changed everything for me.

So given these methods and attitudes about teaching or learning music, it just simple takes a lot of time to master music elements. The methods and books used by teachers, educators, and instructors are programmed on old rote methods of learning music. And more often than not they do not spend enough time on one subject to allow you to really master the music concepts.

And in reality, they only show one element of music and only approach it in one or two ways. Which does not allow you to fully absorb the idea or to get it down cold.

So our tendency is to learn parts of a music element as you go through your learning process and we never really master them until many stages down our path of learning music.

The Learning Goal

Our goal is an on going effort to clearly provide great methods and products that will help you in your music learning journey. The approach we use is to help you focus your time and energy on one subject at a time until you get it down cold.

Of course you can and will work on several music subjects or elements at the same time. Using the suggestions and methods presented in this site you will be able to achieve a full understanding and own the concepts presented which will accelerate your path to get these concepts down cold.

Your Choice

So it is your choice. Work the long hard way to get there or discover some music learning concepts, techniques, and methods that will accelerate your path to excellence quicker. Even if you don’t do it here, look for it and question how the teaching is being accomplished.

There will be more articles later that will help you know when you are not getting maximum value out of your resources and teachers. But there is one thing you must keep in your mind. You are in control of just how fast or slow you will learn. We can provide a means, but ultimately your effort is what determines the final outcome.

Learning Music Concepts can be a slow or quick path. The Music Learning Workshop is dedicated to making it easier and quicker to accomplish the task of learning music concepts and theory down cold and becoming a master of the music concepts.

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