Considerations – As teachers do we explore enough to improve the learning process?


This section of Teaching Articles in our community is dedicated to exploring teaching of music and concepts that can be used to further and accelerate learning for our students. 

There are a lot of considerations in teaching this art or for that matter teaching anything. There are complete college degrees and certification programs that address this profession. 

We are not challenging these programs. There are some good and some mediocre programs and as a result teachers and mentors.

When it comes to teaching music considerations the big difference is in the passion of the teacher as this teacher will explore and test new ways to improve the learning process.

But What of the Observations of Students

The intent of this section is to explore more esoteric aspects of teaching.  As a student of learning, power learning, and accelerated learning I have found that there are interesting concepts that don’t necessarily get covered in the academic world of preparing teachers for working with special techniques and methods. 

Some of these ideas are going to be explored here.

Check out these articles for some thought provoking ideas.


Teaching Considerations:

Music Learning Conversation 

Teachers and parents need to remember and apply simple and success oriented encouragement that helps promote the learning experience of students and children. How much would implementing this direct encouragement improve your students performance.

Accurate Music Instruction 

With a proper start and good instruction the student success rate can be outstanding. However, it may mean delayed gratification of the actual playing of songs to ensure they gets started right.

Effective Music Practice 

Improving practice focus speeds the music learning process along. How five minutes can be more valuable than one hour of rote repetition practice.

Music Education Method 

Slow starts in music theory lead to slow learning process. Are we giving enough credit to students by recognizing that they can learn faster by applying the concept of overview to detail teaching. The traditional “build from the ground up” works, but can you be more effective using this technique?

More Ideas

Teaching methods can add a considerable amount to your students ability to move forward at quicker and faster pace. Having good learning resources can also influence your progress. The basic foundational knowledge on music theory is provided in easy to understand terms, but with a maturity level that allows the student to absorb more knowledge quicker.


Challenge your music teaching considerations and beliefs and test new ideas. Try new resources and you will be known for your teaching and learning prowess.

Learning Resources