Links And Product Reviews

An accumulation of recommended resources of products and services we have found which will enhance your music learning and playing experience and a few more things. We’ve included web sites, musicians, courses, software, providers of information, and will add various other categories of products.

The list provided here is what we believe at the Music Learning Workshop will be of value to you in either your music education, career, or in effort to find information of use. These links will take you to a category.

Music ClassCourses and Methods

Covers courses which compliment the music theory course. Types of classes include piano/keyboard, guitar methods, bass guitar, singing, songwriting and Licensing.

Music Software

Notation SoftwareFind production, learning, guitar, notation, and other software categories. All related to making, playing, and creating music.

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Music Software Training



Acknowledgments and Other Music Learning Sites

Donna Cercone – Cercone Learning Systems

Donna Cercone was and is a teacher and mentor of mine. The basis of this site and the education materials within or a direct result of my 20 year association with her and the MegaLearning methods a Nightingale Conant CD series on learning techniques and methods.

Donna released her Music Mastery Piano Course in 2012. This is her personal teaching system which I participated in 25 years ago and has been refined and improved. Having personally studied with Ms. Cercone, I give this my full endorsement and personal recommendation for anyone wanting to play piano and learn music fast. It’s designed as the ability to get one years worth of lessons and learn 5 songs in under a week.

Bob Gillis Professional Musician and Teacher

Not so much a part of our recommended resources than an honor to let you know that my mentor and teacher of my daughter has recently added his web site to the web. Bob teaches in Denver Colorado and I have much respect for his teaching and musicianship.

He has put up some pages and has given us his own arrangement of Nature Boy and published a cut of it using his new digital samples for keyboard. Some amazing sound if you ask me. You can check it out at

Bob Reno’s Loving and Learning Music Theory

Composer, arranger, pianist and teacher. Bob has been primarily a composer, but shares my enthusiasm about music theory as a study of the discipline’s principles as opposed to its practice. Bob has been teaching music theory and composition, along with several other music courses since 1983, and is the author of Materials of Music, a two-year music theory text for colleges and universities.