Your Journey in Music Rhythm


Your journey to learn and master the music theory  rhythm begins in this section of the Music Learning Workshop. The music  rhythm workshop provides us with the basics needed to get rhythm down cold. below we  link to the beginner series of lessons.

Learning Pyramid

We start with the essential building blocks of how to fundamentally know rhythm and then expand our knowledge of rhythm music theory and know how until we achieve mastery.

The Basic Building Blocks of Rhythm

Rhythm forms the basis of music theory. It is what all other musical elements are based upon. You can only survive so long in your musical journey without the essential building block of rhythm.

Ask professional musicians: what one element of music do you find to be most important? The answer will often be rhythm. As it is the one thing that is least forgiven by the listener.

Our learning approach assumes a level of maturity in the student. Often it is related to the age of about 8 years old. However, with proper guidance younger ages can use the materials.

We don’t take a single element to explore, but instead take a bigger picture and zero in on the elements that make it work.

When we teach notes names or values we  do it all at once, because it is very important that you know how all of them are related right at the start. This allows you jump start and accelerate your learning process. What’s really neat is that if you get hung up you can go back and see exactly what that single thing is and how it relates to other items in context.

Beginning Rhythm Music Theory Lessons

The sequence of lessons below are designed specifically for the newbie music student. They start with an overview approach of just looking at music components such as what is a measure a note in definition. We then follow the approach detailed above.

Take your time

There is no hurry, it is far more important that you understand the concepts than to rush through them to get to the next one.The better you understand each step the easier the next one will be. 

Our Rhythm Workshop starts with some terms we will need to become familiar with when discussing rhythm and music theory.

The sequence is designed to quickly lead you through the basics of what is needed to learn rhythm music theory and then to master the process of learning different rhythms.